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How to fill in the title description of Wuhan Website Optimization?

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Do a good job of increasing the ranking of the website. Nowadays, the optimization of the website has become more and more important, so do the optimization of the website, then your website ranking has been done 80%; then how should we do the optimization of the website, What details need to pay attention to? Hefei website optimization below tells you how to do it.

First, the choice of keywords:
The keywords are determined based on the business of the website, and the area name will be added without considering the human and material resources. If the business is limited to this area, then the area name is recommended: area + keywords. It can reduce the difficulty of optimization and reduce the optimization time, but the scope of promotion is limited, so is it not to use regional words to look at the situation of the enterprise itself, such as the number of promotion personnel and cost budget, the requirements for cycle results . After determining the main keywords, it is necessary to expand the relevant long tail keywords. For details, refer to Baidu drop-down search, related searches at the bottom, and Baidu index for reference. The method of website keyword optimization needs to be tried in the process of optimization. Note that multiple keywords are separated by commas ",".
Second, the title Title:
If the keyword is the company's brand or service, then the title is the slogan of the website. Basically, the headline wording comes down to two forms: 1. Keyword of website business + company brand form, such as network company-website construction company-Hefei website construction company, this is a more common form. 2. Personalized slogan + company brand form, such as high-quality network service company-Hefei Website Construction Company, this kind of title can attract attention. In fact, the two can be combined into the form of keywords + slogans + brands, and the order of placement can be adjusted according to personal thoughts.
Third, description:
The presentation of the website must attract the users. The users see the description and come to the website, so they should pay attention to this. Because the number of words in the website title should be controlled to thirty words, for websites with multiple keywords, only three or more can be displayed in the title. At this time, keywords that do not appear in the website description can be written. The statement of the same website is easy to ignore, so don't omit or write it.
The above content is most of the details of the site optimization, there may be some I may not mention, you can communicate more; if you want to optimize a website, you must do the details, as the saying goes, the details determine the success or failure. Of course, there are some minor adjustments in the optimization of the site details, which are also one of the details of the website optimization. You can also understand. You can do more research, maybe a small action can promote your website ranking.
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