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What is the PR value? How to improve website PR value?

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How to increase the PR value of the website? What is the PR value?
The PR value is a standard used to express the rank of a web page. The levels are 0 to 10, which is a method Google uses to evaluate the "importance" of a web page. So how to increase the PR value?
1. Write some high-quality soft articles and publish them to large websites. If they are approved by everyone, your website will be reprinted by countless websites. This method is best for improving PR value.
2. The number of pages of a website included by the search engine. The higher the ratio, the more beneficial it is to improve the PR value.
3. If you can get a friendly link from a website with a PR value of 4 or more, which is related to or complementary to your theme, and rarely export links, that's better.
4, spend money to buy traffic or go to QQ, go to groups, go to forums and other popular places to promote.
5. Providing valuable website content and SEO optimization is also very important to improve the PR value.
What are the reasons that affect the PR value change?
There are many reasons for the change in the PR value of the website. Especially when Google lowers the PR value, there may be more factors. In addition to the external chain changes, the structure of the website itself and whether it is cheating are also one of the main reasons. There are many other reasons that will reduce the PR. This article summarizes all possible factors. If your website is reduced to PR, then you can find the answer through the points in the article.
From single to comprehensive Google quietly completed the conversion of the new PR value standard, which indicates that Google's assessment of the PR value of the website has matured.
But as a webmaster, we should clearly know the meaning of PR value for the website. SEO experts of Universal Navigation Network said, “Google ’s evaluation of PR value is not just a good-looking but useless business card. The evaluation of the PR value will not just stay on the external links of the website. From single to comprehensive is the road of development of everything, and the evaluation standard of the PR value is no exception! "Therefore, the PR value can finally become a landmark of the weight of the website. Data, how to maintain the PR value of the website has become a research topic. As for what is the new rule for Google's evaluation of PR value? You can read the article "Analysis of New Rules for Changing the PR Value of Google".
As a webmaster, it is very difficult for us to achieve the "no joy, not grief" mind. The mood will be excited as the curve of website traffic and PR value rises, and dim as the curve of traffic and PR value declines. This is the psychology of general webmasters. We will feel uneasy when the PR value decreases, because a decrease in the PR value means that the weight of the website is reduced, and the ranking of the keywords is also reduced accordingly. So what is the reason for the decline in the PR value? According to many years of systematic research, the main reasons for the decline in the PR value of the website are comprehensively and systematically described.

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