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Thousands of website optimization methods? Which are the most practical?

2019-10-29 11:00 View Secondary source: unknown
Now whether the product is online or the website is established, if you want to do a good job, if you want to be known to everyone, you need to promote it. This is an inevitable step. For the website, how to promote it is actually tricky. It can't be done with meditation, but there are thousands of ways to promote it? Which methods are practical? Here are a few more practical methods for everyone, and how to promote the website.

1.Submit to search engines

You can search in any search engine. If it has not been included, the search engine will give a prompt directly. Then just follow the prompts to submit the site. If any website can't be found in the search engine, it is actually done in vain.

2.Manual notification

How to promote a website? For example, some websites made by enterprises can directly give customers a URL, and then let the other party pay attention to themselves. On this website, they can learn about their company's dynamics and product information. This is also a method, similar to the form of a business card.

3. Post URL on social platforms

To put it simply, the current WeChat circle of friends and Weibo are basically some of the more used social platforms. May wish to directly publish the URL information of your website on these social platforms. Forums in some industry fields, etc. are also possible. But this method needs to be a little more sophisticated, so as not to sink the information you posted.

4. Sufficient capital investment

After the website is set up, there must be enough staff to maintain it. And if these people are professional enough, they can help the website perform such a job of customer mining. At the same time, it can not only promote its own website, but also promote its company well, so that the company can establish a certain corporate image. But this promotion method is more professional, and the financial resources required also have a certain budget. Therefore, this article is only suitable for those customers who have ample funds and have a certain understanding and awareness of this promotion.

How to promote a website? Website promotion is mainly these several methods. One of the more straightforward is to publish the URL link on the commonly used social platforms and forums. However, it should be noted that this method saves money, but it depends on the effect. For clients with abundant funds, it is recommended to establish their own website promotion and maintenance team.

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