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Why are the keywords on our website so slow?

2019-10-21 09:56 Browse Secondary source: unknown
We all know that the key to website SEO is the weight of the website and the ranking of keywords. Why do you say that? Only a good ranking makes the entire website have exposure, and many customers come in, so that our website will have a better improvement in weight. Of course, some details of the website and the structure are all necessary means to promote our ranking. Let's explore the reasons why the website keywords are not improved:

What are the reasons for keywords not being ranked?
First, often a new station needs to wait for Baidu to review, just like our freshman exam, you can get a diploma. Of course, it is more difficult for new websites to rank well in the short term. Baidu's general assessment period is about three months, and some websites may take up to six months. If your website has not passed the assessment of Baidu for 1 year, then I would suggest you to change the website domain name. Basically this station is useless. During Baidu's assessment, we must do a good job of maintaining this article, and regularly check whether the website is normal and whether the spider is crawling. Instead of eagerly thinking about ways to improve rankings. Because even if you use it for short-term rankings in the short term, you only have a short-lived new station. Only by continuously accumulating and increasing the weight can you gain higher weight in the later stage. Therefore, our good attitude at the new station is crucial.
Second, the website content is of paramount importance everywhere. We usually use the original or pseudo-original form to update the content. What I want to talk about here is not to blindly copy or imitate other people's articles. When looking for articles, we must combine the product itself, and why its features can be fake original because the other party's site may be a portal site, a long time, and a high website weight. Even if it is a pseudo-original article, it will be better included, but you are only a small business station, and you ca n’t compare it with others in terms of content collection. Then, why not use the same article construction method as others? Long-term adherence to the website's external chain construction. We know that after the content of the new station is included, we will spend time finding high-quality external links for the website. The specific point is to make detailed external chain construction plans for the website every day, such as blog external links, classified information platform external links, and soft article submissions. These must be carried out relentlessly, not three days to catch fish and two days to dry the net. Persistence in the construction of external chains is very important.
Fourth, whether the website server is frequently down. Many times, the webmaster implemented the above points down to earth, but found that the results were still not satisfactory, especially the novice webmaster Zhang Er, the monk, had no idea. In fact, this detail is in the site server stability. Many newcomers have not checked the logs. It ’s a habit that the server goes down. If you do n’t check the log, it ’s hard to detect it, so I recommend that you check the server log frequently to find out the hidden killers that affect the rankings. We can only do this if the ranking of the website drops. There are several.
Fifth, whether your keyword competition and your resources match. Many times the website keywords cannot be ranked. The author believes that the key reason lies in the problem of keyword selection. When choosing keywords, the boss may not be clear about optimizing the industry, but he is very clear about his product and industry and will directly Choosing hot words as keywords for optimization, many times seoer has no choice but to stubbornly carry them down, but finds that his company and his own optimization resources are limited, because optimization is especially for keywords with fierce competition. It is similar, but the key is to fight for resources. Therefore, when the keyword rankings have not changed, you still have to go back and analyze whether your keywords have been selected incorrectly.

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