How to optimize the website on the mobile phone?

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The website optimization technology on the computer side is relatively mature, and mobile websites are becoming more and more popular. I believe that the SEO requirements for mobile websites will not be less in the future. Today, I will tell you how to optimize mobile websites

1. Page details optimization
The keywords, descriptions, and titles are the same as those on the PC. We try to match all pages with the corresponding titles, keywords, and descriptions. Although the search engines can already crawl most of the content intelligently, we can't determine whether the mobile search engine can recognize this, so we can do as much as we can, and try our best to play cards according to the convention.
How to optimize the mobile website to quickly improve rankings?
We can understand a mobile website as a micro-site, so we don't need to make the site so messy (especially useful), so we can be concise in the code, let alone users look at the website not to see how messy your website code is, how beautiful the website is , But to see if your website can find the answer he wants in the shortest time. Secondly, under normal circumstances, the mobile browser is not as powerful as the PC-side browser, that is to say, maybe your code can be browsed on the PC, but not necessarily on the mobile station, in case the browser used by the user cannot resolve What about your code? Did n’t you see the mess? There is also a very severe question. When users use 2G networks, if you make your website so messy, it wo n’t load for a while.
3. Prevent consumption of user traffic
On the mobile Internet, what do users care about the most? Traffic, if you open a website, it will be video, flash, and pop-ups when you open it. The user will feel terrible. You may think that the user is unknowingly consuming on your website. Traffic, but if a hardcore fan has been paying attention to your website, but because your website consumes too much traffic, there is no traffic by the end of the month, do you think this is good or bad? So think of ways to reduce the mobile website Traffic usage is very important.
Under normal circumstances, we can see a mobile version of the button on our PC website. Maybe when the mobile phone enters a domain name, it will automatically jump to the mobile website. This skill has changed the user experience of mobile phone users, which is what we often say Mobile station adaption. If there are still friends who do n’t understand, they can go to the learning website to actively identify the mobile phone and the PC, but the jump to the jump, but there are users who like to use their mobile phones to watch the PC website, so we also do it on the mobile phone website A button allows the mobile website to jump back to the PC, which is a detail process experienced by users.
How to optimize the mobile website to quickly improve the ranking? In fact, the keyword ranking of the mobile website is similar to that of the PC, but there are many differences in details, so you must make your mobile website ranking grow steadily. It is necessary to distinguish between these two optimized characteristics.

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