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What are the characteristics of European and American style websites?

2019-11-19 16:36 Browse Secondary source: unknown
The earliest country in the development of the Internet was the United States, and then the United Kingdom, so until now the overall construction of the British website and the overall construction of the American website are very close, including from typography, layout to text, are very similar. Nowadays, their website design style also claims to be the same, which is called by many of our designers as European and American style websites. So, what does a specific European-style website look like? The following is a brief introduction to the characteristics of this European and American style website.

1.The page is clean and focused

This is very similar to the behavior style of Europeans and Americans. Their text descriptions are very delicate, and they are basically distinguished by small paragraphs to avoid reading fatigue. The content matches the text and pictures, and the emphasis is very clear.

2, simple atmosphere without losing refinement

In general, the text and pictures of European and American style websites are placed in different blocks. Normally, text and pictures are not used for mashups. So when you look at it, you will find a very simple atmosphere, but at the same time, it is still exquisite.

3.Uniform hue

Most European and American styles do not use too many colors for reconciliation. Their main colors are basically black, dark blue, and gray. However, if it is propaganda by some entertainment media, a brighter color may be used to catch people's eyes, but the color is basically uniform.

4.Fast loading speed

Images, videos, or files in a web page basically use compression technology to ensure that the volume is minimized. Moreover, the network in Europe and the United States has always been relatively fast, so it is relatively faster in terms of opening speed.

5.Art design

Including a lot of text and graphics processing, they will present a simple, unified and neat effect. However, the line-type text and background are easy to form a unified effect, so in order to highlight the content information, artistic fonts are used for design.

European and American style websites probably look like this. The content of the website looks relatively simple and unified. While pursuing clean pages, they also care more about the speed of the Internet. What is difficult for many Europeans and Americans to accept is that the website information is too complicated and the website opens too slowly. However, this European and American style website is not suitable for making Chinese version directly. After all, the design elements are different.

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