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How should a Wuhan enterprise website be designed?

2019-11-14 19:04 Browse Secondary source: unknown
Good company page design must know two main points: overall style and color matching. So, how to understand the main points of brand website design? This includes the overall design style, color selection, color matching, etc. Today, Xiaobian will solve this problem for everyone in the future.

First, determine the overall design style of the brand website

It is difficult for a website to grasp the style of the overall website because there are no other models for reference. What we need to know is that no two people can design the same website. The overall image of the website is correct. The impact of the overall user experience is relatively large, including logos, colors, fonts, etc. These are the different feelings left by the website to users.
Pay attention to putting your logo on the most prominent place of each page as much as possible, and also give the website an iconic color. Summarize a slogan that can reflect the essence of your website. For example, the title word uses a shadow effect, so all the titles appearing on this website should be set to the same shadow effect to be more harmonious.

Color matching for web design

Another very important part of the company's page design is the color part. When we look at the screen from a long distance, we don't see a beautiful layout or a beautiful picture, but the color of the web page. There are many principles about color, which are not detailed here. You can read some books related to design, and you can learn more systematically. Now I want to tell you some tips on how to design color on the website:

1.Use a single color

This means that first select a main color, and then adjust the transparency of this main color to make the pages of the website look uniform and layered.

2.Use two colors

First choose a color, then choose its contrasting color.

3.Use color system
In short, it means that the colors used feel the same, such as light blue, light yellow, light green; or yellow, gray, blue.

In the color matching of web pages for company page design, we must also remember some mistakes. Do not use too many colors. Try to control within 3 to 5 colors. The contrast between the background and the front color should be as large as possible.

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