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Factors to consider when choosing a website space

2019-11-09 11:48 browse Secondary source: unknown
Before the construction of corporate websites, people still have to choose people ’s website space according to their actual requirements and the overall goal of website production. The following is a detailed introduction for everyone, the choice of website space must take into account what the actual factors.

First, the cost problem
Nowadays, the website space in the sales market is generally divided into the project outsourcing enterprise simulation space and the purchased independent server. The price difference between these two types of indoor space is still relatively large. Some well-known brands of simulation space are still relatively good in terms of application experience. Perhaps there is no doubt that it is not as good as a standalone server, but it will be very suitable for some newly-developed enterprises in terms of cost, and the cost of a standalone server is higher The website space must still depend on the specific situation of the enterprise.
Second, is the indoor space compatible with common SEO functions such as 404 and 301 page jump functions?
Many times, for various reasons, some people ’s web pages will not open. The information displayed to customers is 404 web pages or 301 web pages. At this time, if the indoor space is compatible with 404 and With the automatic jump setting function of the 301 web page, you will be very helpful for people to carry out seo optimization. It can also help people save a certain number of website visits when the Internet is not stable. Conducive to improving people's ranking in Baidu search engine.
Third, pay attention to whether the purchased website space has the function of backing up data
This is crucial. Today's network security problems are very important. The company attaches great importance to it. Once the website is hacked and the database query of the website has not been backed up before, it will cause a lot of inconvenience and will be lost in a short period of time. Many customers cause great damage, so people must choose a website space that includes the function of backing up data.
Fourth, IIS compatibility issues in web space
It is possible to choose a website space that can be adapted in two lines, so when the IIS compatibility problem occurs, it is not easy to compromise the reliability of web page access.
To sum up, when buying website space, pay attention to the cost problem of website space. Regarding the 404 and 301 page jump setting function of the website space and the automatic backup function of database query, special attention must be paid to website space That is to say, security and stability are very important for people's corporate website construction and maintenance.

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