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Video film website construction, short video website development plan

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With the rapid increase of network speed, more and more people like to watch videos, and more and more video websites are used, including large videos, short videos, education and training videos, and so on. Dimensional network customization site encountered a lot of corporate introduction videos, education and training videos, short video website platform and so on. Video playback has been around for a long time. At first, it can only be played after the download is completed, and then streaming FLV video playback appears, so early video playback technology basically used Flash to play, and currently popular on mobile phones, many do not support Flash, so now use HTML5 MP4 cross-platform playback technology.
Which websites need video?
1.Ordinary corporate websites embed company video playback
Video portal
3. Educational training video website
4.Short video platform
5.E-commerce video website
5.Other websites that need video playback
Difficulties of traditional solutions
1. The video is stored on its own server: Dimension Network believes that video files are generally large and cannot be uploaded through the website background. At the same time, it does not have the cross-platform feature. It is slow when there are more people opening videos. And because of the bandwidth of the traffic, the cost is relatively high.
2. The video uses a third-party platform such as Youku Tudou, and then makes a collection of HTML frames. This method does not waste website space traffic, and at the same time guarantees video playback speed. The only disadvantage is that occasionally ads appear, and paid ads can remove ads. But the cost is relatively high.
Video cloud solution
At present, many large companies have developed solutions for video cloud servers, such as Alibaba Cloud Video, Tencent Cloud Video, Netease Cloud Video, Baidu Cloud Video, etc. At present, the best solution for using video servers in the production of corporate websites is to use these clouds. The video-on-demand solution of the host can not only solve the problem of video upload, but also the problem of video transcoding. Compared to traditional hosting purchase costs, video cloud hosting costs are relatively affordable, and you can pay by volume. Has the following characteristics:
1. Cross-platform features
Now is the era of cross-platform, computers, mobile phones, PAD, smart TVs, etc., so many terminals without cross-platform will not work.
Smooth video access
Dimension believes that the video cloud server is born for video, and requires special bandwidth for video. At the same time, it uses cloud acceleration to support a large number of simultaneous viewers.
3.Convenient video transcoding
Many people shoot videos in the wrong format, especially websites that require user uploads, so video transcoding is required for normal cross-platform playback.
4.Video upload interface
Through the upload interface provided by the cloud video platform, it supports block upload, is relatively stable, and can upload video files.
5.Video encryption audit
Video can only be viewed after review or restricted
6.URL anti-theft
Traditional video solutions in website production can be easily referenced by third-party websites, causing traffic loss, and cloud videos generally provide anti-theft functions.
Video AI
The future will be the era of AI. The use of AI technology by large companies can be achieved through interfaces.
8.Other functions
Such as advertising functions, statistical functions, etc.
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