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Pay attention to these five points in the later maintenance of Wuhan website construction

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Pay attention to these five main points in the later stage of website construction

First, the hardware maintenance content in the later stage of website construction
This maintenance content is mainly for enterprises with independent servers. If the company does not have a qualified server administrator, it should pay attention to choosing a strong website construction company to provide server hosting services for us. Because only a professional website construction company has the strength to regularly perform server hardware maintenance for us, set up the server in a targeted manner, optimize the database interaction operation, and recommend a reasonable server architecture solution based on the business status and development plan of the enterprise.

Second, make regular website backups
Some people think that their website program is quite safe. There has been no problem in building the website for such a long time. Now that Internet technology is popular, even an ordinary person can take an ordinary website with hacking software; of course, not to mention encountering the problems of the space provider itself, such as server problems, data loss, the website you worked hard to make Will be put to waste. Therefore, regular backup of the website is not only responsible to yourself, but also to the loyal users of the website.
Third, the database maintenance content in the later stage of website construction
The database maintenance content in the later stage of website construction mainly includes database backup, database optimization, database abnormal data query, database capacity query and so on. The backup of the database is best named after the time, and the backup is carried out every month as a storage period. After the website program is updated, care should be taken to maintain database associations to prevent errors between the database and the program. The purpose of database capacity query is to prevent redundancy and abnormality caused by excessive database capacity.
Fourth, don't ignore building 404 pages
Some people think that as long as the dead link detection tool is used, nothing will happen, but you can't guarantee that the dead link can be detected all the time, and once the dead link appears, if you don't find it in time, it will have a negative impact on the website. First of all, search engine crawling encounters dead links and cannot continue to search in depth, reducing the number of inclusions. Search engines also think that the site is unfriendly to them, and even reduce the weight of the site; users encountering dead links when browsing the site will reduce users' Browse interest, think it is not authoritative, and lose users. On the contrary, a good 404 page is not only conducive to the optimization of the website, but also improves the professionalism and authority of the website and the user experience.
Fifth, website security settings
It is a common phenomenon for websites to be hung. However, it is also a confidant of every website operator. Therefore, it is necessary to periodically modify the user name and password of the website background and the default path of the background. Then apply anti-injection or anti-cross-site patches accordingly. Try not to expose the back-end address of the website, so as not to be guessed by social engineering to manage users and passwords. The post-maintenance of the website is not just a matter of maintaining the personnel. Everyone in the enterprise, including managers, salesmen, etc., can participate in it, make suggestions for the development of the website, pass the core value of the enterprise, and make the website more effective. Great effect.
The above is a brief introduction of the five major points of Wuhan Luojia students' attention to the later maintenance of Wuhan website construction. I hope that they can help everyone. If you have questions about the content of the article, please call us or leave a message on the official website.
If there is no special note, this article is an original article of Wuhan Luojia students. Please indicate the source or source when reprinting or quoting.

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