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How to evaluate the quality of the website?

2019-11-09 11:32 browse Secondary source: unknown
A successful website can bring publicity to the company and bring more benefits! So how to evaluate whether a Wuhan website construction is good or bad? The editor of the Wuhan Jiao School student recommends it to you. In fact, there are two main points to look at.

1. Through optimization and search engines:
The number and quality of the external links of the website. Good quality external links can bring more effective traffic, and the ranking must be good.
Whether the content of the website is updated frequently, whether the articles are original articles, a high-quality website, if it is not updated for a long time, the ranking will certainly not work, and not many people will visit. Original articles can be better indexed by Baidu. The more they are indexed, the higher the ranking will be.
The domain name of the website is also a point of judgement for the quality of the website. For old websites with long domain names, search engines will basically give them higher weight.
2. Through website design effects and user experience:
A good website must give users a different browsing experience. The website's programs must be optimized for each small detail, such as returning to the page and adding a link function to the column page to improve the user's browsing experience.
The effect of website design should keep pace with the times, keep up with the trend, and give users a refreshing feeling, so that users are interested in browsing your website for a long time.
The above two points are the criteria for judging whether a website is good or bad, for reference only.

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