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How does Wuhan Website Construction judge whether the offer is reasonable?

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For any cost, we always want it to be "reasonable". The so-called "reasonable" here is more "one price and one price". However, in real life, this kind of expectation is always difficult to achieve. Let us tell you what kind of website design quote is reasonable.

In fact, if you want to know what kind of website design offer is reasonable, you need to know in advance what kind of website design is reasonable. It is impossible for a website to want its design without any problems, and it is impossible to have big problems. Then, a reasonable website design mainly means that it can obtain customer satisfaction. Specifically, it must meet these points:

1. All aspects of the website plan are relatively complete, which can meet users' needs for a website.

2, the design is more reasonable, the use of color in the design is also more in line with the needs of users.

3. The production is relatively simple, and the style is in line with the main trend of the current market; finally, its content is consistent with the current requirements of customers, and will not cause ambiguity to users. This is a reasonable website. Then, for such a website, its offer is reasonable if it meets the market demand. If it is higher than 10% of the overall market price, it is reasonable, but if it exceeds 25% of the market price, special consideration is needed. .

Of course, we always say that one price is one price, is it unreasonable for website design quotes that are particularly expensive? The answer is not so.

According to professionals, there has been a problem in the industry that a company wants to make a website. Compared with several third-party institutions, some institutions give prices of more than 100,000 yuan, and some institutions give prices only More than 80,000, one institution gave only 50,000 offers. So how did this organization choose? In order to choose more suitable institutions, the company conducted a detailed analysis of the customers that the three institutions had cooperated with.

They found that the highest quotation agencies not only have a large number of customers, but these customers are relatively well-known companies in the industry. From their website, whether it is planning, design, or even back-end programs, they are very attractive. The charm of it can be described as spending more money, but the effect is also very good. And look at the lowest quotation agencies, there are very few companies that work with them, and those websites are relatively simple, the effect is only general, and it does not meet the outstanding requirements.

Existence is reasonable. What kind of website design quote is reasonable. There is no prepared answer. As long as you think that the results presented by the final website are within reach, then the quote is reasonable!

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