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Celebrate Haiqin Medical's foreign trade website from our company

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Wuhan Huashan Software New Town Phase C11, 3rd floor, is the nation's largest health management investment chain. The company's business scope includes R & D, production, leasing, and sales of beauty equipment; technical support and training services in physical therapy, health care, life beauty, etc., and always adhere to meet customer needs with medical products with strong market adaptability and high technical content. Excellent value for money.
Based on Wuhan University's Evidence-Based Translational Medical Center and Wuhan Optics Valley's smallest invisible medical research and development platform, Gao Life Technology has established a high-frequency particle flow technology research and development center. Since 2015, it has innovatively developed "laser integrated radio frequency technology (high-frequency particle flow technology)", successfully grafted military inverter technology achievements, and developed a series of high-frequency particle flow equipment, which is widely used in medical beauty and large-scale health maintenance. field.

Wuhan Luojiashan Xuezi Network Technology Co., Ltd. is an established internet company established for 10 years! Adhering to the concept of customer demand first and service first, the company has established stations for many enterprises in Wuhan, and has also won praise from many customers in Wuhan as a website! Welcome customers who have Wuhan station construction needs to come to consult! We will help you build the perfect website with a dedicated service attitude and professional technology! Phone: 027-68772750 18986172926

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