1: Telecommunications room / top-level domain name

China Telecom is one of the earliest domestic service providers to provide server rental and hosting applications, and our server is located in Hubei Telecom, with excellent performance, security and stability, distributed storage, ultra-high IO speed, 7 * 24 hours phone, QQ, Online manual customer service + customer answering system, any question can be responded to in the first time!
There are many product categories, multi-threads, and cloud hosts, which can meet customers' requirements for space size and access speed requirements!

2: We have senior web designers and senior technicians with 3-5 years of work experience

Unlike other online construction companies, our designers are refined from the needs of previous customers, and then create independently, give play to their own creativity, and then give it to the customer to decide! Your satisfaction is our greatest satisfaction! Abandoned the traditional copy website model, independent design, independent creation!
W3C international standard, DIV layout, manual code. The web page generates static HTML, which no longer runs through the program and accesses the database, minimizing the server load. Dozens of Almatis original page optimization technologies. Continuous improvement.
Our technicians are mature and have no less than 300 years of project experience! The PHP and ASP technologies are mature, and there are fewer loopholes in the program to ensure the security of the website!

Three: We provide comprehensive after-sales service

Compared with the initial stage of website construction, the website's after-sales service cycle is longer and more important. We have been adhering to the service concept of "better service can bring more customers, more customers bring more development" to help customers solve problems. We invest the greatest manpower in large products and services. The best products and services are the best sales. Word of mouth and services are the basis for our market expansion. Therefore, we can do our services more carefully than other Internet companies.

Four: Integrity + attitude is our business philosophy

Having been engaged in website construction for so many years, we feel that attitude and integrity are the most important in this industry! We are not partial to customers, and will not be treated differently at the service provider because of which customer has a large amount of orders! We only promise what we will do, and we will not deceive customers, which is also our integrity!
If you have read most of the contents of the Jiajia Subsidiary website carefully, I believe you can feel our "all real, no false" propaganda style. Compared with other online companies, they often exaggerate the marketing effect of the website, or advocate various tricky concepts to increase the price of the website. Exaggerated publicity will make customers' early expectations too high, and hope to benefit from the website itself, everyone who is engaged in the Internet knows that this is unlikely. We promise to provide you with a product with the best configuration. As for the effectiveness of this website tool, it depends on how you use it.

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