强势来袭 The era of mobile websites is coming

By the end of 2013, the number of mobile Internet users reached: 33% of 500 million website traffic came from the mobile Internet and continued to rise.
56% of mobile Internet users are online for more than 1 hour per day
78% go online more than once a day
3G networks have become popular, and 4G networks are under construction.
Mobile website opens faster and faster

There are fewer and fewer obstacles
为客户提供怎样的手机互联网解决方案? What kind of mobile internet solution does Wuhan Jiajia student provide for customers?
  • More beautifully designed and more interactive mobile websites

    Exquisite design

    Wuhan Luojia students' strong website design team and rich website construction experience can help you make more humane design and layout, and the best UI design experience! Let your company walk at the top of the industry and bring you a different visual experience!

  • Convenient mobile website platform

    Convenient optimization

    Site-wide custom SEO, site-wide static pages, site-wide pages display custom, ubiquitous marketing probes and online customer service! Help you do better rankings and bring more customers and services!

  • Responsive web design

    Responsive web Design

    With the increasing number of mobile phones and tablet computers, in order to meet the best results when browsing mobile phones of different sizes of mobile phones and tablet computers, adaptive web design is adopted. The so-called adaptive web design refers to a web design that can automatically recognize the screen width and make corresponding adjustments. In simple terms, the same webpage automatically adapts to screens of different sizes, and automatically adjusts the layout according to the screen width.

  • Cross-platform compatible

    Android & IOS & Windows

    With the rapid expansion of the mobile market, there are many types of mobile devices: from Windows Phone, Android to iPhone to iPad, to hundreds of smartphones, different system platforms, different screen sizes and resolutions, and they need to be on mainstream platforms. On the best results.

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