• First communication

    The two sides communicated to understand customer needs and to increase mutual understanding.
  • Analysis planning

    Analyze enterprise needs, analyze enterprises and their industries, plan website structure, put forward construction proposals, and preliminary table of website construction; at the same time, formulate project element lists and quotations.
  • sign contract

    Party A pays advance payment to Party B and clarifies the responsibilities of both parties.
  • Website design

    Creative website style and homepage design;
  • Design in depth

    After the homepage is confirmed, enter the in-depth design and complete the overall design plan; complete the detailed development structure flowchart of program development; at the same time, complete the design part and development distribution work
  • Site-wide integration

    The program is combined with the page to strictly detect and clear the website BUG; and enter the trial operation stage, during which the back-end system is trained to use and guide the data entry method
  • Payment completed

    After Party A felt that there were no problems during the operation phase, Party A paid the balance and Party B assisted Party A to go online officially.
  • tracking service

    The project manager will keep in touch with the customer at any time to solve the customer's problems and related consultations in a timely manner.

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