Do you have a flash site for the whole site, have you encountered the following problems:

1. Poor communication during the site construction process
The traditional website construction first communicates the website type, color and requirements with the artist, and then communicates the website functions and details with the technology. The plan completed during the early communication period may be difficult to achieve during the design and production process, resulting in poor communication and lengthy time.
Wuhan Luojia students use the template to build a website, the process of building a website is simple, customers only need to communicate with technical staff to pass relevant website information, and the communication process is smooth.
2. Website effect cannot be guaranteed
Traditional website building companies can only provide customers with previous website building cases and textual website building solutions, and do not allow customers to see the actual effect of their website.
Wuhan Luojia students use the template to build the website. The template effect that customers see is the actual effect after the website is built.
3. Post-sale processing is not timely
After-sales services of traditional website building companies are all taken care of by the company's technical staff. It is difficult for technical staff to take into account while developing a new website, causing customer problems to be solved in a timely manner.
Wuhan Luojia students have a dedicated after-sales service department that communicates with customers in a timely manner through the Internet or telephone 5 * 8 hours to handle problems in a timely and accurate manner.

Five advantages of Wuhan Luojia student flash website template:

(1) Leading technology!

The traditional flash website is generally produced with FLASH + XML structure, which requires professional technology to complete the website update, and we use a new technical framework, flash + .net structure, so that users have a management background, powerful management functions to support profile management, articles Management, picture management, video management, music management, menu management, message management, etc., completely solve the problem of difficult flash website update.

(B) the price is great!

Normally develop a flash website with a management background of at least 10,000 or more, and our flash website template can be done as long as 3000!

(3) Short launch cycle!

The traditional flash website development cycle is at least one month, and our flash template is already a finished website program, which can be opened and accessed on the same day.

(4) Fast loading speed!

The traditional flash website has a single data structure. All the file materials are placed in the .swf file, which results in a large amount of data files and a slow loading speed. However, we use distributed loading. Which column you click will load which column and not. Unnecessary data takes up network speed.

(V) Conducive to SEO optimization!

Traditional flash websites integrate data such as text, pictures, videos, etc. In the swf file, the search engine does not recognize it at all, and we support the access database. While the system displays the content of the website with a cool flash effect, it automatically generates a simple data version of the ordinary website page captured by the search engine. For a long time, flash websites are not good for seo optimization problems.



Management Module

You can choose the form of picture and text, full picture display, etc.


Information Management Module

Can manage content such as text mode, graphics, etc.

Photo album

Photo album management module

Can display pictures, slides, etc.


Video management module

Can automatically generate video thumbnails and customize videos


Music Management Module

Feel free to add, change and delete background music

Guest book

Message Management Module

Online message can be sent automatically to the designated mailbox


Menu management module

You can freely manage the name and order of the website column menu


Account Management Module

Can flexibly increase or decrease account managers and set account permissions

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