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Wuhan Luojia Xuezi Network Technology Co., Ltd. is a company full of youthful vitality. The company's headquarters is located in Luojiashan Building, Wuhan Street. After the company was established, it was supported by the Wuhan University School Committee and the School League Committee. The company's members are staffed by two or three years of work experience. Since its establishment, the company has provided website construction and after-sales technical support services to more than 3,000 companies. The company has always provided customers with services based on the principles of professionalism, quality, honesty and trustworthiness. . We hope to be friends with people from all walks of life, to work with you, to provide services to you, not to understand your fault, to make you dissatisfied with our fault, welcome to communicate and understand us!

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Wuhan Luojia Xuezi Network Technology Co., Ltd. upholds the fine traditions of Wuhan University, conveys the spirit of the enterprise, demonstrates the strength of the enterprise, and establishes a stylish new image of the enterprise in the online media; introduces the enterprise to customers in an all-round and three-dimensional manner, and builds enterprises and users The communication platform between them; stressing quality is more creative than selling after-sales brand customers. Winners focus on focusing on the Internet to create outstanding brands, striving to achieve our new goals; customer first, quality first; meticulous, excellence.

Scope of business: domain name registration, website construction, mobile website, full site flash, video host, 400 telephone company email, promotion software, website optimization, etc.

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电话:027-68772750 地址:武汉市洪山区武珞路珞珈山大厦A座1701室 鄂ICP备09016823号-7 Manager Yuan: Tel: 027-68772750 Address: Room 1701, Block A, Luojiashan Building, Wujing Road, Hongshan District, Wuhan City